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Full Service
Repairing and spot painting as required of all available shopping carts, backroom and various department utility carts, (Utility carts can include stock carts, stock tables, six wheelers, hand trucks, platter racks.) All hardware for this equipment is included.
-Wheels assemblies, wheel axels, nuts, clips, paint, plastic seats, handles, washers, thread guards, grease, etc.
-All welding, high pressure power wash.
-Straightening and alignment of gate assemblies.
-Front caster lubrication or replacement.
-Replacement and/or alignment of wheels.
Full Service excludes:
-Replacement or repair of aftermarket accessories such as seat belts, infant seats, coffee cup holders, advertising placecards or holders and shopping cart anti-theft devices, etc...
-Replacement of complete shopping cart gates when missing or broken beyond repair, due to high gate cost. Complete painting of excess rusted carts, which are typically found at coastal locations.
-Replacement or repair of oven rack casters and wheels.
Additional notes:
-Whenever possible-shopping carts deemed to be beyond repair, will be cannibalized for good parts to be used in the completion of the service.
-Follow proper safe and environmental procedures of water collection, & pickup when required.
-Follow EPA guidelines by completely sweeping prior to pressure washing.